WBD Launch AEW Bad Language Crackdown

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WBD Launch AEW Bad Language Crackdown AEW

WWE aren’t the only company where language has come under scrutiny recently, with WBD having another crackdown on AEW.

As reported earlier today, a WWE star had to retape a pre-recorded interview segment due to their use of the word “wrestling.”

While that may have been a purely creative choice, Warner Bros Discovery has also taken issue with the language used by a wrestler.

According to Dave Meltzer in the current issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required):

“WBD had another crackdown of wanting the language cleaned up and less saying “sh*t” on television.”

Jade Cargill may have been part of the cause of this mandate from on high, revealing on Twiter that:

“That’s the last time I can say “cut the shit” guys. 🙃😬. Can’t say it no more.”

WBD had previously reportedly requested AEW tone down the language on television, though it was later reported that it was a quote taken out of context with subsequent reporting on the story revealing that there was concern that there could be an issue between AEW and WBD if the wrestlers “fly too close to the sun” but that it wasn’t an edict from the network.

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