AEW Win-Loss Records Won’t Be Permanent

3 years ago by Nate Craver

AEW Win-Loss Records Won’t Be Permanent

While AEW will continue to track wins and losses,  the win-loss records for each superstar will reset each year.  Apparently, in January 2020, AEW will begin a new “season.”

Nick Jackson hosted a Twitter Q and A today while on an airplane trip.  A fan asked when the win-loss records will be reset.  His answer said looking like January.

While AEW has stated they wanted to provide a more sports-based like product in the past, they’ve never really been clear on how the Win-loss records would go.

Most sports have a season and it resets each year.  However, combat sports like Boxing and MMA do not reset and fighter’s records stick with them for their entire run in the company.

Resetting records does seem like a good idea for wrestling though.  If you book a wrestler in a losing streak and then decide it is time to give him a push, being able to reset his record would help legitimize his push with a better win-loss record.

One other question that popped up during the Q and A was if the Cody stipulation would hold up.  According to Nick, 100% it will.

It will be interesting to see if this actually holds true.  It’s hard to imagine Cody never wearing AEW gold.

In other news from the Q&A, Nick apparently isn’t a great speller.  He misspelled #AEWDynamite.  #AEWDyamite was actually trending #8 today.

Nobody’s perfect Nick.  We understand.  The good news is your spelling bee record will start over in January.


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