Backstage Details On Veer Mahaan’s ‘Coming To Raw’ Vignettes

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Backstage Details On Veer Mahaan’s ‘Coming To Raw’ Vignettes

If you are somehow not aware, Veer Mahaan is coming to Raw. He was already on Raw, but he is coming to Raw. WWE has been running vignettes hyping up Veer’s “arrival” to the red brand since the draft.

Fightful Select (subscription required) has provided more information on Veer’s coming, noting that there was ‘no real rhyme or reason’ behind splitting Veer up from Jinder Mahal and Shanky in the Draft, with many expecting him to be moved over to SmackDown to join them.

WWE sources that spoke to Fightful said that WWE officials thought he had the most upside of either of his pairings, whether it be with Saurav or Shanky.

Fightful notes that Veer has been present at Raw, appearing on episodes of Main Event. He was also present at episodes of Raw that he was not booked for.

Fightful also notes that there were no significant creative plans for Veer or his debut at the time the videos began to air. There was no update on whether this had changed since, but WWE sources said that the company is self aware of the comedic nature behind stretching out Veer’s arrival.

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