Former Star Reveals Whether He Would Return To AEW

Former Star Reveals Whether He Would Return To AEW AEW

A former star has revealed whether he would return to AEW.

In August 2022, Bobby Fish departed All Elite Wrestling after 10 months in the company when his contract expired.

As previously reported, Fish revealed what led to his departure from AEW at the time of negotiations on a new deal.

Since his departure, former Undisputed Era member Roderick Strong left WWE to sign with AEW and joined Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly as former stablemates of Fish in the promotion.

Speaking with Tru Heel Heat Wrestling, the former AEW star was asked whether he would think about going back now that every Undisputed Era member is in the company except for him. Fish replied:

“I love what I’m doing right now if I can be completely honest. This trip back to the indies, as awkward as it is at times because it’s been so long, but it’s also I’m finding this new love for working in a different way and the freedom with which I get to go out and do things.”

“And then you don’t realize because you’re around so many people who have done this long enough and they’ve tweaked it. And they’ve got, you know, there’s polish and they’re really you don’t realize the things that we take for granted from a knowledge standpoint other people don’t know.”

Fish continued on to explain how he has found a new sense of fulfilment in helping younger stars on the independent scene, saying:

“And so I’m getting an opportunity to help pass on some of this to people that I work with or I talk to or if I do a seminar or whatever it is.”

So I mean I can’t put it over enough how much I’m enjoying that and that’s something you know, I mean this is a pretty selfish business, so like you never really think that’s gonna float your boat.”

“So when it started to, I was like, wait what’s what is happening. What is this kumbaya s**t, but like yeah man I really kind of love giving back and like saying something or pointing something out to somebody on one of these shows and watching the light bulb go off for them.”

“It’s like yeah that’s cool, that’s cool because I know that I had so many of those moments myself in my journey and when we get to these destinations, you know, we’ve, we forget the journey that’s behind us and that’s where the value is that’s the good stuff.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bobby Fish also addressed the scrapped plans for himself and the rest of Undisputed Era feuding with The Elite before his departure.

Thanks to Tru Heel Heat Wrestling for these quotes!

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