WWE Finally Releasing Bray Wyatt New Theme Music

4 months ago by Laura Cude

WWE Finally Releasing Bray Wyatt New Theme Music WWE

WWE is finally releasing Bray Wyatt’s new theme music.

While we’re all waiting to see him in action again, fans have also been asking for the release of Wyatt’s new entrance theme.

The theme is performed by Code Orange, and in a Twitter post in late November, the band said the release would be coming soon.

WWE is now finally releasing the theme that accompanies Bray Wyatt to the ring.

WWE Music Group shared a post on Twitter with a picture of the door that Bray Wyatt emerged from at Extreme Rules.

The tweet simply reads:

“1 @CodeOrangeTOTH”

It’s unclear exactly what this means – it could be one day until release, it could be a January 1 release, or it could be something else entirely.

However, the fact that the official WWE music page has finally posted about Wyatt’s theme means it must be coming fairly soon.

Bray Wyatt is yet to wrestle since his return in October.

He is currently feuding with LA Knight, which led to Knight being attacked backstage.

Wyatt denies the attack, leading to speculation that the ominous Uncle Howdy was behind it.

According to a recent report, a match billed as a ‘Pitch Black’ match is being considered for the Royal Rumble, with it believed to include Bray Wyatt. You can read more about this right here.

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