Bryan Danielson Wants To Get ‘Unleashed’ With Moxley In AEW

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Bryan Danielson Wants To Get ‘Unleashed’ With Moxley In AEW

AEW star Bryan Danielson recently sat down with Muscle and Fitness magazine to discuss among other things, his plant-based eating regime, how he stays hydrated and what dream opponents we might see him take on in the future.

According to Danielson, there are plenty of AEW stars he is looking forward to taking on, saying:

“I’m super excited, and it’s crazy because it seems like AEW keeps adding people to the roster on a weekly basis. But there’s a lot of matches that I’m really looking forward to.

I’d really love to wrestle Darby Allin. I’d really love to wrestle Sammy Guevara, Daniel Garcia, MJF, there’s all these people, and then there’s like the big one, and I have wrestled him before, but it would be CM Punk. That would be really cool.

While they may have met before as Daniel Bryan versus Dean Ambrose in WWE, until last night’s (January 21) Rampage fans hadn’t gotten a glimpse of Danielson versus Moxley.

Pointing out the distinction between the two matches, Danielson said:

“I’d love to wrestle Moxley in this [AEW] scenario, versus the WWE scenario, you know what I mean? Where we are a little bit freer and more unleashed, because I think he’s fantastic.”

Finally leaving fans with a true dream match, Danielson is sure not to forget one wrestling legend currently in action on the AEW roster noting:

“There’s one more that would just be supercool for the fans, and for the kid inside of me, and that would be Sting.”

Danielson made his debut for AEW in late 2021 after his WWE contract expired and he elected to not re-sign with WWE in a move that shocked many in the wrestling world.

Citing his desire for more adventurous matches and potential to work with other promotions, Danielson has already made an impact in AEW taking on Hangman Adam Page in a series of brutal and bloody matches for the AEW World Championship.

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