Chris Jericho Hosts Controversial Guest On Podcast

3 years ago by Nate Craver

Chris Jericho Hosts Controversial Guest On Podcast

The Trump family is back in wrestling.  Donald Trump Jr. will be a guest on Talk Is Jericho this week.

Trump is going on the podcast to plug his new book TriggeredTriggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.  Apparently, Le Champion wants to interview Le Presidente’s Son.

Donald Trump Jr. announced his appearance via Twitter today.  It’s no surprise, Jericho’s podcast is often a lot of fun.

However, this week, his podcast shouldn’t be the only fun Jericho has.  Also, it won’t be the only son of a famous father Jericho is going to have to deal with this week, as well.

Chris Jericho will be facing Cody at AEW Full Gear on Saturday at 8 pm.  They’ll be facing off in a match where 3 judges will decide the winner should it end in a time limit draw.

WCW/NWA was known to use this gimmick when Cody’s dad, Dusty Rhodes had the book back in NWA.  Quite possibly the most famous match that went to a judges decision was Sting vs Ric Flair at Clash of Champions.

Speaking of Clashes, the Trump family is involved in big political clash between the president and those would like to impeach him.  Will, Cody be able to oust Jericho from the top spot in AEW?

WrestleTalk will have live coverage of Full Gear on Saturday beginning at 7 pm.


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