AEW Star Responds To William Regal’s Farewell Message

AEW Star Responds To William Regal’s Farewell Message AEW

Claudio Castagnoli has responded to William Regal’s farewell message.

William Regal shared a goodbye message with his Blackpool Combat Club faction, posting a link to a lyric video for Slade’s Far Far Away.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Castagnoli responded to the message and explained why Regal is Blackpool Combat Club ‘for life.’

“I will never say goodbye to William Regal because I know I can always see him or talk to him at any point. His Lordship, as we call him in the Blackpool Combat Club, he’s one of the smartest men in professional wrestling and that’s why he left the way he did, to give us that last lesson, that extra edge, that little bit more.

“It’s what you need sometimes to succeed and I really appreciate that because I was kind of conflicted going into the match after Full Gear. ‘Why can’t I beat Chris Jericho when the title is on the line?’ After the message on Wednesday, my confidence went up again. That’s what a mentor like William Regal does. He takes one for the team, literally, to make his team better.

“To me, he’s always around. I ended the man’s career that puts you on a different respect level and a different level all together with him. The bond we have, he’s BCC for life and so am I.” 

During the December 7 episode of  AEW Dynamite, Regal delivered his final promo.

He explained that he aided MJF at Full Gear to teach the Blackpool Combat Club a final lesson.

Regal is set to make his return to WWE in a behind-the-scenes role.

Tony Khan confirmed during the December 7 call ahead of ROH Final Battle that Regal wanted to return to WWE to work alongside his son, Charlie Dempsey.

His release comes with the stipulation that he cannot appear on WWE TV before 2024.

Claudio Castagnoli will face Chris Jericho at Ring of Honor Final Battle on December 10.

Jericho’s Ring of Honor World Championship will be on the line. If Claudio loses, he will have to join The Jericho Appreciation Society.

Keep up to date with the win/loss record for the AEW roster with our tracker right here.

Transcription via Fightful.

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