Corey Graves Addresses Recent Dana Brooke Controversy (Exclusive)

Corey Graves Addresses Recent Dana Brooke Controversy (Exclusive) WWE

WWE Raw announcer Corey Graves was the focus of a social media storm back in October of last year, when he allegedly ‘buried’ Dana Brooke on commentary during a match with Shayna Baszler.

TalkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy caught up with Corey recently for WrestleTalk, where he spoke about the controversy. He said that people seem to latch onto any bit of negativity, but if the company aren’t annoyed, then he shouldn’t be.

He said:

“I think people latch on to any bit of negativity, it’s not just a wrestling problem it’s a societal problem, in that particular instance (with Dana Brooke) I was trying to paint her as this underdog, she hasn’t been winning. It’s weird because our fans are so passionate that if you don’t acknowledge history they get mad at you. If you acknowledge the situation that may not be becoming of the person you’re describing, that’s somehow bad too. You can’t win them all. I’ve learned that people are going to be upset, and at the end of the day if the guys signing the cheques aren’t worried about it then I don’t need to be either.”

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Graves also spoke about his interest in transitioning into a backstage role later in his career.

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