Eric Bischoff Reveals He Had Talks With Lucha Underground

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Eric Bischoff Reveals He Had Talks With Lucha Underground WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff revealed that he had talks with Lucha Underground ahead of the launch of the promotion.

On the latest 83 Weeks podcast in an “Ask Eric Anything” episode, the former WCW President revealed that he spoke with Lucha Underground about an executive producer role for the promotion.

Bischoff said:

“I talked to the folks at Lucha Underground about possibly coming in early on before the show launched,” Bischoff said. “I met with them twice actually and I met with the folks from AAA and the executives that were a part of it. There was a moment that I was actually thinking about becoming the executive producer of that show along with Mark Burnett, but it didn’t feel right to me. I don’t think I was able to convince them, and I wasn’t the right person for that job. I just wasn’t. I didn’t have enough of a feel for the Lucha culture and experience to be able to do the kind of job that format needed. But yes, we did have some early discussions. I had worked with Mark Burnett before, so I had a good relationship with Mark.”

Lucha Underground premiered on October 29, 2014 on the El Rey Network and ended with the final episode airing on November 7, 2018.

Based on the timeline, Eric Bischoff would have just ended his run with TNA when these talks occurred.

As previously mentioned, Bischoff also revealed that he believed that he will never be invited back to AEW during a recent episode.

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