Find Out Who Walked Out With The IMPACT World Title At Hard To Kill

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Find Out Who Walked Out With The IMPACT World Title At Hard To Kill IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Hard To Kill kicked off with the Full Metal Mayhem match for the IMPACT World Championship.

At Bound For Glory 2022, Bully Ray made her return to IMPACT and won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet to earn a guaranteed title shot at any title of his choosing.

After weeks of claiming he was a changed man, Bully challenged Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Championship and showed his true colors by attacking the champion and his wife. This made things personal and led to IMPACT Wrestling making their title match at Hard To Kill a Full Metal Mayhem bout.

The match delivered exactly what it promised. There was steel chairs, chains, tables and ladders used frequently throughout this contest.

Bully Ray kicked off the match by attacking Alexander on the ramp from behind and nailing him with the title belt to bust him open. “The Walking Weapon” would soon get the advantage and proceeded to use weapons to draw blood from his opponent. He even used a cheese grater to cause more blood to shed.

After interference from his associates John Skylar and Jason Hotch gained Bully control of the match by using zip-ties on Alexander, Tommy Dreamer made his return after being attacked by Ray during the buildup.

Dreamer disposed of Hotch and Skylar before heading to the ring and hitting Bully with a trash can. However, Ray eventually drove Dreamer through a table with a spear in the corner.

With Alexander helpless, Bully Ray looked to put the final nail in the coffin when Josh’s wife Jen came down to stop his husband’s challenger. Jen delivered a low blow to Bully and then assisted her husband in nailing Ray with a steel chair.

Alexander followed up with a huge splash on Bully off a ladder on the ramp through a table in the ring. After Ray kicked out, Josh applied the ankle lock for the submission win to retain the IMPACT World Championship.

We will have further updates and breaking news from tonight’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view when they become available.

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