Jim Cornette Calls Recent AEW Promo ‘The Greatest Heel Promo In Years’

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Jim Cornette Calls Recent AEW Promo ‘The Greatest Heel Promo In Years’ WWE

Jim Cornette had a lot of praise for a recent AEW promo, calling it the greatest heel promo in years.

At AEW Dynamite: Road Rager, Christian Cage attacked Jungle Boy after Jurassic Express lost the AEW Tag Team Championship to the Young Bucks in a ladder match.

The following week (June 22), Cage addressed his actions in an interview segment, firing shots at  Jungle Boy’s late father, before he was confronted by Luchasaurus.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette argued that Cage’s segment was a completely different genre to MJF’s recent worked-shoot promo.

Sharing his honest thoughts on the segment as a whole, Cornette said:

“We got to step up and do something entertaining, Christian Cage came out here and did the best 10-minute f**king interview that I have seen in I don’t know how long. I liked the MJF melt-down promo, which was a completely different genre of promo than this and a completely different topic – the whole nine yards.”

“For a heel promo by a heel that’s just turned that wants to get the people on his ass and wants to get some heat verbally, this was one of the best performances I’ve seen in forever from the start. He was on the people, it was an interview that Tony Schiavone held the microphone for, which was even more amazing that Christian did this effortlessly, and like you used to be able to do with the announcer of the show, holding the microphone for you.

“The material was fantastic, the delivery was incredible. The only thing that was lacklustre was Tony the booker of the year forgot to actually come up with a reason why Christian turned on Jungle Boy, so they blamed it on Jungle Boy eliminating Christian from a battle royale last year. And he’s mad at the fans because they cheered. And since then, it’s been a plot to take all the Jungle Boy’s money.

“He did a great promo with the worst reason for a turn ever in wrestling. And he gave s**t to social media and the losers tweeting, blistering the fans. He was so genuine, it came off so flippantly, everything he’d say and the whole story we wanted to leech off Jungle Boy because he came back here to make money.

“He doesn’t want to get young talent over, he doesn’t want to impart his knowledge to the next generation, he wants to make some f**king money.

And he put himself all over all of the kids, eat my crumbs, and enjoy it. And this was a promo also that referred to smart subjects but didn’t violate kayfabe – if you knew you knew and if you didn’t, it didn’t slap you in the face.

“Now he’s the guy, remember he came in is his catchphrase was gonna be he was the gonna be the guy that outworks everyone. Well, now he says now I gotta get my own hands dirty and that pisses me off. And that’s great because they want to see a lazy f**king heel that doesn’t want to have to do his own work.

“I don’t know what outwork everyone ever meant and they dropped it quickly, thankfully. Then he shows the video of him telling Jungle Boy’s mother that she raised a piece of s**t.

“And then comes back to him and he says that Jungle Boy’s mother was sweet on him because she wanted Christian to be Jungle Boy’s father. After all, he had one but he’s dead. Oh, I wrote down this as the greatest heel promo in years.”

Jungle Boy is reportedly out of action with a shoulder injury following Cage’s turn, one of many AEW stars dealing with an injury.

Stay up to date with injured AEW stars’ expected return dates using our AEW injury tracker.

Transcription via Inside The Ropes

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