Lashley Returns On WWE Raw And He Wasn’t Alone

Lashley Returns On WWE Raw And He Wasn’t Alone

In the middle of the Rusev and Seth Rollins match, Bobby Lashley interrupted the match for the Universal Title.  Rusev had the upper hand, but Lashley made sure to get the new American Citizen’s attention.

Lashley appeared on the ramp and motioned for someone to join him.  After multiple attempts to get the person to come out, Lana joined Lashley on stage.

WWE had teased issues between Rusev and Lana earlier in the night while Rusev was being interviewed backstage.  However, Rusev would not comment.

While we didn’t hear from Lana, she certainly made a statement with her actions on the ramp.  She and Lashley made out on the ramp while Rusev watched on.

This was a bit of an uncomfortable moment.  Thank goodness, somebody let him in.  The Fiend then appeared to attack Seth Rollins and save us from Lashley’s terrible acting.

Lashley has moved up in the world though. Instead of a manager who made him bend over and show is butt, he now has a manager who will make out with him to get back at her husband.

We’re not sure what the issues are for the married couple.  Being the father of Maria’s baby is not one of them.  Maria announced earlier in the night Rusev is not the father.

It looks like we’ll be having two stories where wrestlers are having marriage issues.  You know, because Who’s Maria’s Baby Daddy wasn’t enough.

4 years ago by Nate



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