Latest On Kyle O’Reilly WWE Contract Talks

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

Latest On Kyle O’Reilly WWE Contract Talks

A new update has come to light regarding the talks between Kyle O’Reilly and WWE with his contract set to expire soon.

Reports are that O’Reilly’s deal comes to an end before the end of this month, which has led to plenty of speculation about what he might do next.

In an update, Fightful Select is reporting that, much like with Johnny Gargano, WWE is interested in keeping O’Reilly and has approached him about re-signing.

The report also mentions that Kyle O’Reilly passed on signing a new deal that was offered to him in late 2019, along with some other NXT stars.

His contract coming up this soon was said to be a bit of a surprise to him since so many WWE contracts have time added because of injuries or other reasons.

However, WWE wasn’t caught off guard by O’Reilly’s deal coming up, because the company took the time to start paying more attention after being surprised by Adam Cole and Pete Dunne’s contracts coming up earlier this year.

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