WWE Raw Live Results – May 16, 2022

WWE Raw Live Results – May 16, 2022 WWE

Live Results for WWE Raw for Monday, May 16th 2022 are here!

Scheduled for the show tonight according to WWE –

… and so far, that is all they’ve announced! Presumably, there will be considerably more since it is in fact, a three-hour show!

Join us back here at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST or 1am BST for all of the Monday Night Raw action!

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Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

With Becky trying to swing Asuka’s own umbrella at her, she hit her with the green mist, knocking Becky down and getting the pinfall victory for Asuka, setting up Asuka vs. Bianca for Hell in a Cell!

Lacey Evans in-ring promo

I want to believe this will be a more nuanced and sophisticated version of whatever they vaguely attempted to do with Joe Gacy before abandoning it entirely seemingly for the launch for NXT 2.0 but almost, she’s a heel or a face depending on who YOU are as the viewer/fan…? Let us know what you think during the Raw review on WrestleTalk’s YouTube tomorrow – did you know you can literally send Ultrachats whenever you want? What do you think about Lacey Evans’ evolving character?


Ezekiel vs. Chad Gable with KO on commentary

Similar to AEW Rampage’s Jericho on commentary, I propose we just let Kevin Owens have a full hour on commentary per week on WWE television. Send him to NXT 2.0 commentary! Pop him over to SmackDown! I don’t care what hour, just one full hour!

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

A great promo from Cody here, it is amazing how fast this industry moves!

It’s going to be Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins 3, HELL IN A CELL!!

Alexa Bliss vs. Sonya Deville

Alexa Bliss with a new theme and commentary referencing she’s still a high flyer but it took a lot of “therapy to get here.” Sonya Deville showing off some offense, looking strong tossing around Bliss.

In the end, Bliss is able to reverse and gets the pinfall victory over Deville.

After the match, an enraged Sonya slaps the referee, and commentary says she’s not a WWE official, she’s can’t do that! Wait, when she was… could she? Are these officials running around here slapping each other?

Kevin Owens/Alpha Academy DNA Test

I enjoy this angle a great deal.

The DNA results were contaminated with what appeared to be barbecue sauce on the sample… to which Otis responds that maybe Elias had contaminated the sample!

KO says that he specifically remembers Otis eating ribs in catering like there was NO TOMORROW last week, lol.

Kevin tells Gable he’s supposed to be the smartest man in the WWE and Elias is making him look like an IDIOT!

Gable plans on beating the truth out of him tonight!

Judgment Day

A Judgment Day segment where Edge continues to say that they’re taking in new members to their movement, any WWE superstar, including you AJ Styles!

Riddle vs. Jimmy Uso

Riddle taking on Jimmy and essentially, also Jey Uso alone as commentary notes that Randy Orton has family commitments hence his absence tonight. By the end of the match, Jey Uso is interfering so much that the ref kicks him out! Leading to a fast roll up from Riddle to get the pinfall victory and the crowd went wild. Riddle on the ramp shouts about seeing them on Friday at SmackDown so it sounds like they’re still pulling double duty!

Who is Adam Pearce texting?

Is he tweeting? What is this? Can whatever tribunal fired Sonya also put me out of this perpetual Adam Pearce misery…?

Anyway, forget what I wrote earlier, the six-pack challenge match is out – now it’s Becky 1:1 vs. Asuka with the winner taking on Bianca Belair for her women’s championship!

Veer vs. Mustafa Ali

An added but to Theory’s intro noting he is the youngest United States Champion in WWE history as he takes on Ali, next. Interested to see if this pans out as this isn’t what was listed earlier in reports… possible storyline swerve coming in hot!

Ah there it is – Theory not only introduces a guest referee in The Miz but decides that Ali should actually have to face another opponent first… introducing Veer Mahaan!

There was a decently competitive match which fell into the trap of a typical ending as Veer gets Ali in the cervical clutch where he remains while Theory and Miz mug for selfies.

Afterward, though there is a huge pop for Rey and Dom who run in for vengeance on Veer!

Omos vs. Bobby Lashley in a steel cage

MVP and Omos enter the cage to welcome us to Monday Night Raw!

As Bobby Lashley makes his entrance, Cedric Alexander runs out and clobbers him before the commercial break. After we’re back from break, the match is set to begin but still with MVP and Cedric still floating about. Oh dear, I wanted this feud to end.

Some shenanigans as expected as Lashley is almost over the top before an intervening Cedric Alexander gets involved, and also pulled into the steel cage.

Omos has Lashley up on his shoulders and throws him, launches him through the cage which then allows Lashley to just stand up from the broken cage bit and stumble up the ramp while the referee explains to the ring announcer and the camera why Lashley wins.



Ahead of tonight's WWE Raw!

Not a ton of plans are known about Monday Night Raw tonight but we are definitely getting Omos and Bobby Lashley in a steel cage!

See you back here at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST or 1am BST for all of WWE Raw live results!

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