Major Hint That ‘White Rabbit’ Could Be Malakai Black?

Major Hint That ‘White Rabbit’ Could Be Malakai Black? AEW

Tonight’s cryptic White Rabbit hint took us to a rather cryptic page featuring a Tik Tok video spliced together by our titular bunny.

The video in question shows clips of a white rabbit among spliced together clips from WWE promos, put together to say ‘who killed the world? you did, feed your head’, and the number 40701, but none of that is what we are talking about here.

Some people, because people are curious about stuff like this if they think they can solve a mystery, looked into the source code of the video, and found something very, VERY interesting.

There, plain as day inside the site code, are the words ‘no man is ever truly good, no man is ever truly evil’. Fans will recognise those as the first two lines of Aleister Black’s WWE theme song.

This could of course all just be one big red herring, but with Black reportedly requesting his release from AEW with interest in returning to WWE, and it not being anything that people should have even seen, does have us wondering.

If you are sceptical that this is legit, like I was, here is a photo of evidence:

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1 year ago by Connel Rumsey



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