Matt Riddle Calls Dana White A “Heartless Moron”

3 years ago by Nate

Matt Riddle Calls Dana White A “Heartless Moron”

Dana White recently address Matt Riddle’s firing from UFC on Barstool Sports. When asked about Riddle, White said he didn’t regret letting Riddle go.

He did say he was happy to Riddle found success and addressed Riddle’s comments about him in the past.

Heartless moron isn’t the worst thing Riddle in the post.  I guess Riddle isn’t a fan of bald guys.

Riddle appears to have hit hard times after being let go from UFC.  He says he almost went bankrupt.

Clearly, Riddle has bounced back.  He is one of the most over superstars in NXT.

Next week, he’ll face Adam Cole for the NXT Championship on the 2 Hour Debut of NXT on USA.  Riddle appears to be set to have a huge WWE career.

Riddle has a knack for speaking his mind on social media.  Hopefully, his willingness to call people out on Twitter and Instagram doesn’t land him in hot water with WWE.

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