New WWE Tag Team Name Revealed

New WWE Tag Team Name Revealed WWE

In a backstage segment, a new WWE tag team name may have been revealed although the team didn’t get much time to discuss.

As The Schism continues their crusade to hunt the Creeds, they took a moment to pause to get involved in a discussion that had nothing to do with them!

Interrupting Tank Ledger pitching tag team names to Hank Walker, Tank thought that ‘Smash Mouth’ would be a good name. When Hank attempted to note that perhaps the name is already occupied (at least by a 90’s band), he wasn’t able to make his case because Schism interrupted.

In the end, the Dyad took exception to Tank & Hank’s unwillingness to rat out where the Creeds were after ‘Smash Mouth’ expressed that the Creeds’ green screen bit from last week was funny.

The beatdown from Dyad led to medical pulling the pair from their upcoming match tonight with Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey which was discussed in a subsequent backstage interview segment with the two serious technicians.

Gulak called Hank & Tank ‘S-O-F-T, soft” for being pulled from the match for “bumps and bruises,” and Gulak and Dempsey were again approached by Damon Kemp attempting to pled his case as to why he fit their vicious bill and wanted to join forces with them.

While they remained unimpressed with Kemp, Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs approached to instead offer to stand in for Hank and Tank tonight to prove that there isn’t anyone tougher in NXT than them.

Elsewhere on tonight’s show, a WWE star was nearly unmasked during a match and there was a title change, albeit a ‘fake’ title. 

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2 months ago by Amanda Savage



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