New York Toy Fair 2018 WWE Figure Recap and Release Dates

New York Toy Fair 2018 WWE Figure Recap and Release Dates

Last month’s New York Toy Fair 2018 saw WWE and Mattel bring out the big guns and display a majority of the action figures set for release in 2018. The new products announced were promised to be better than the previous lines, with Mattel’s citing their new direct ink-jet technology will better render facial and 3D scans of the superstars modeling their figures.

Here’s a list of what’s to come and their updated release dates:

Basic Series 84

If you’re in the U.S., you can now buy Basic Series 84 figures from Ringside Collectibles. The line will be available in U.K. on and Smyths Superstores by May 2018.

  1. Rusev
  2. Naomi
  3. Dean Ambrose
  4. Finn Balor
  5. Kevin Owens

Basic Series 85

Figures are available for pre-order on Ringside Collectibles for US customers (April 2018 US release) and will be available on for UK customers by June 2018.

  1. Bobby Roode
  2. Alexa Bliss
  3. Seth Rollins
  4. John Cena
  5. AJ Styles

Series 86

Basic Series 86 has no confirmed release date yet.

  1. Akira Toxawa
  2. Charlotte Flair
  3. Dolph Ziggler
  4. Roman Reigns
  5. The Rock

Elite Series 58

Elite Series 58 figures are available now on Ringside Collectibles, and will be released in the U.K. on and Smyths Superstores by June 2018.

Dean Ambrose

The figure is based on Dean Ambrose’s attire when he was defending the Intercontinental Championship against Miz at Extreme Rules 2017. It comes with a removable ‘No Good Deeds Unhinged’ t-shirt, and the Intercontinental Championship title.

Braun Strowman

The figure is based on Braun Strowman’s attire in his match with Roman Reigns at Great Balls of Fire in 2017. It comes with the ambulance door he ripped off during the show.

Mickie James

Mickie James’ attire is derived from her match with Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto in 2016. It comes with the 90s WWE Women’s Championship title.

Sheamus and Cesaro

These figures are based on their attire in the WrestleMania 33 Tag Team Title Ladder Match. The kilt and tuxedo on the figures are removable.

Matt Hardy

Based on Hardy’s Raw Tag Team Title defense at Payback 2017, the figure comes with the Raw Tag Team Championship title.

Elite Series 59

The figures in this series are available for pre-order Ringside Collectibles for U.S. customers now (with a May 2018 release scheduled) and will be available and Smyths Superstores in U.K. by August 2018.

Kurt Angle

This figure is based on the Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania 19. It comes with Angle’s Gold Medals, and a red ‘Team Angle’ Entrance Hoodie

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan

The figures are from the Four Corners Elimination SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: SmackDown LIVE Wild Card Finals. It comes with the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champioship title belts.

The Miz

The Miz’s attire is from the Mixed Match between The Miz and Maryse vs. John Cena and Nicki Bella at WrestleMania 33. The black entrance jacket is removable.

Zack Ryder

This figure was based on Ryder’s attire in the Team U.S.A. vs. The Multinational Alliance– 16-Man Elimination Tag Team Match on Raw’s July 4 2016 episode, and comes with a Stars and Stripes jacket and matching patriotic sunglasses.

Finn Balor

This attire was from the Demon King Finn Balor’s onscreen August 15, 2016 debut on Raw. It comes with removable tassels and Demon King headgear.

Elite Series 60

Ringside Collectibles does not have any stocking information posted on their website. However, has advertised a October 2018 release date. Descriptions for the figures require further confirmation.

  1. Elias
  2. Triple H
  3. Xavier Woods
  4. Kofi Kingston
  5. Andre The Giant
  6. John Cena

Elite Flashback Series #2

The new Flashback Series is a Wal-Mart exclusive and should be on store shelves this spring. U.K customers can purchase figures in the series on after August 2018. This Elite Flashback Series contains four figures, with each one containing a piece of the Heartbreak Hotel set.

  1. Shawn Michaels
  2. Razor Ramon
  3. Doink
  4. Alundra Blayze (First in the LINE!)

Smack Down Live Authentic Scale Ring

They also featured a Smackdown Live authentic scale ring, which includes an announce table and an exclusive Jinder Mahal figure. Release date pending.

Epic Moments – Milk O’Mania

The new Epic Moment set is Kurt Angle spraying Milk on the Alliance. We don’t have much detail on what the figures include, but based on the pictures released from New York Toy Fair 2018, it should come with Kurt Angle holding a milk hose, Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon. Release date is pending.

Entrance Greats – Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode is also getting an Entrance Greats figure, including a base that plays his entrance music. The figure will be complete with removable ‘Glorious’ robe, ring trunks and black boots. U.S. customers can pre-order this figure on Ringside Collectibles now and can expect it to reach their doorstep by April 2018. U.K. customers can visit to purchase it and expected delivery by July 2018.

Non-Mattel Collectible Figures


  1. Sting and Lex Luger Pack 2-Pack FYE exclusive should be hitting their shelves soon.
  2. Jake The Snake with Python (no release date yet)
  3. Shawn Michaels with WrestleMania XII attire (no release date yet)

Loyal Subjects

Loyal subjects feature 3.5 inch vynil figures of WWE Superstars. They also featured a ring and a referee. Here are a list of the superstars featured:

  1. Finn Balor
  2. AJ Styles
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura
  4. Roddy Rowdy Piper
  5. Undertkaer
  6. Sting
  7. Ultimate Warrior
  8. Macho Man
  9. Roman Reigns
  10. Brock Lesnar

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