Ex-WWE Star Teases Rhea Ripley Match Amid Return Rumors

Ex-WWE Star Teases Rhea Ripley Match Amid Return Rumors WWE

A former champion has dropped another major hint that she could be nearing a return to WWE soon by teasing a match with current Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

Speaking to Sportskeeda’s Wrestlebinge, Nia Jax (Lina Fanene) discussed the ascent of the Judgment Day’s Eradicator and her run as a dominant world champion on Raw, stating that she may need “knocked down a couple pegs”.

Ultimately showing respect to Ripley, Jax said:

“Rhea’s doing a great job. She’s kind of this rise. She might need to be knocked down a couple pegs.

“I think she’s incredible. She’s so talented. I mean, I saw her when she first came up on the main roster. I even saw her in NXT.

“She’s got such a long list of talents she can do. I really enjoy watching her, especially standing up to the guys.”

While Jax did recently share a ring with Ripley at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Jax does hold a specific grudge based off a time during her full-time run with WWE where the 26-year-old busted her eye open.

Jax explained:

“I’ve had a match with Rhea once before, and she busted my eye open, so maybe I have to get a little payback. I don’t know, I think we’d have a good dogfight in there.”

The rumor mill regarding a Jax return to WWE has been spinning ever since her surprise appearance at the 2023 Rumble, however, recently things have picked up steam once again as the former Raw Women’s Champion revealed that she was in fact training in-ring once again.

To hear the latest on Jax’s potential WWE return check this link here.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful

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2 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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