WWE’s Omos Discusses Issues With Potential Babyface Turn

WWE’s Omos Discusses Issues With Potential Babyface Turn WWE

Since first appearing as AJ Styles’ personal bodyguard back in 2020, the Nigerian Giant Omos has been portrayed as a heel during his time on the main roster.

However, the Omosapiens around the world are waiting for the opportunity to cheer for their hero, but the semantics around a seven-foot-three-inch babyface are a little odd.

Speaking to SportsNet, Omos discussed the possibility of him turning babyface, saying that the psychology behind it would be a little challenging.

He said:

“From a psychology standpoint, it can be very challenging for someone who’s seven-foot-three, muscles, and huge and intimidating, to get sympathy. Heels don’t inspire people, only babyfaces do. And for me, that’s going to be the challenge: How can this big, giant person inspire people?

“Because there’s no relatability to someone who’s seven-foot-three … the moment where you see me with somebody smaller than me, the brain says, ‘I want the little guy to kick the big guy’s ass.’”

Omos made his return to WWE during the Slim Jim SummerSlam Battle Royal at SummerSlam in Detroit last weekend.

Omos dominated the match before eventually being eliminated, with LA Knight coming out victorious in the bout.

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2 months ago by Connel Rumsey



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