Ronda Rousey Wants AEW Star To Join WWE

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Ronda Rousey Wants AEW Star To Join WWE WWE

Ronda Rousey has spoken about the fact that she wants an AEW star to make the jump and join her in WWE, along with two other prominent names.

Rousey will face Liv Morgan on Saturday October 8 at WWE Extreme Rules in an extreme rules match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Speaking as part of a live YouTube stream, Rousey commented on the possibility of herself teaming up with several other stars to form a stable.

When asked if she would like it if herself, Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke were all in WWE together, Rousey responded:

“Yeah I would. You know what would be even better? If we were all in WWE and they would let us work together. That’d be great.”

The four women are informally known as the ‘Four Horsewomen of MMA,’ in a play on the ‘Four Horsewomen of WWE’ of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

A reunion is unlikely to take place any time soon however, as Shafir is currently making appearances for WWE competitor AEW.

You can see what else Ronda Rousey had to say about WWE and AEW here.

Quotes courtesy of PostWrestling.

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