Seth Rollins Details One Thing He Would Change About The Shield

Seth Rollins Details One Thing He Would Change About The Shield WWE

Current WWE United States Champion Seth Rollins says the he wishes the Shield’s reunions had been booked better.

The team of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (now AEW’s Jon Moxley) made their debut at WWE Survivor Series 2012, and went on to become one of the most popular factions (and later individual singles stars) in modern wrestling history.

After breaking up in 2014, the trio reunited on several occasions, and even added a temporary fourth member in Kurt Angle at TLC 2017.

Speaking with Graham “GSM” Matthews of Bleacher Report, Rollins reflected on his old team:

“You can look back at the breakup and say I wish we would’ve done that and be more prepared, but being forced to swim in the deep water as individuals was what helped us.

“We had to learn and grow and just figure it out.

“That learning process was important in its own way.

“I guess one regret would’ve been managing some of the reunions a little bit better and some of that was out of our control and there was nothing we could do.

“It’s not ideal to have Kurt Angle in a Shield costume, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so we made the best of it and there’s something to be said for putting people in that role and being able to have the equity to do that.”

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Transcription courtesy of Fightful.

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