Several Wrestlers Announce Departure From Chikara Amidst #SpeakingOut

Several Wrestlers Announce Departure From Chikara Amidst #SpeakingOut

As the #SpeakingOut movement continues to shine the light on abuse in pro wrestling, the latest promotion to come under fire is Chikara. This independent promotion saw many WWE stars frequent their shows over the years.

A woman on Twitter going by Wiggy shared an anonymous story about the company last night. The story details years of gaslighting and mistreatment as well as possible sexual abuse. While the story does not give names of those involved, many have begun pointing fingers at those in charge of the promotion.

This has led to several independent wrestlers severing ties with the company. This includes the Chikara original Hallowicked, as well as The Whisper, Lucas Calhoun, Jacob Hammermeier, and others.

The company announced the dismissal of one of their wrestlers named Kobald last week. Allegations of sexual abuse had come out about him specifically and the promotion was quick to get rid of him. Now, it is clear the abuse in the promotion goes far beyond just one person.

It is currently unclear whether the promotion will continue to operate after these stories have come to light.

If you have been affected by any of these stories and are seeking help, please follow this link.

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