Taz Responds To Backlash After Claiming WWE ‘Copied’ AEW

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Taz Responds To Backlash After Claiming WWE ‘Copied’ AEW AEW

Earlier this week, AEW commentator Taz made some comments about WWE’s creative team that upset fans on social media.

One of the things Taz suggested was that WWE had copied AEW with Kevin Owens coming out to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music this week on Raw. He compared it to Don Callis coming out to Kenny Omega’s music.

As a result of receiving a lot of fan criticism on Twitter, Taz has now responded, claiming he has no hatred towards WWE. He tweeted:

“Not about s***ting on anything, it’s about giving an opinion on my own social media than people make a story outta my opinion. Please tell me, teach me how storylines and storytelling works in the industry…please educate me sir.

“This is wrestling Twitter if u r a wrestler/TV personality: You give your opinion people get mad. If you don’t give an opinion & don’t engage with your followers people get mad. If you get in a dispute w/your followers, then you’re told, “don’t feed the trolls”. Too funny!

“Actually ZERO hate whatsoever! It’s just me giving my full honest opinion. I guess some people get offended, not quite sure what I said so wrong! Lol.”

So there, Taz doesn’t hate WWE after all. Another Twitter issue fixed.

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