Tony Khan Teases “Massive” Announcement Coming Soon

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Tony Khan Teases “Massive” Announcement Coming Soon AEW

Tony Khan is quickly becoming the King of teases and in a new video released on AEW’s Twitter, he does it again.

Backstage with Tony Schiavone, Schiavone says that Khan has been “working around the clock on a big announcement” but when he asks for more details, Khan is unable to share saying:

“We’re working on something massive, the legal team has us under NDA so I can’t reveal all the details but suffice to say we’re working on something that’s going to be really great for the fans, for the wrestlers, and it’s gonna be awesome, I’m so excited and I don’t know when we’re going to be able to tell the fans but I know that it’s coming very soon so stay tuned to AEW.”

Khan went on to say unlike the last dance this big announcement is not something that can be given an exact date and time yet but like the first dance, it is going to be huge.

Leaving us all with one last cryptic message, Khan added: “It’s a little bit different than anything we’ve done before but it’s gonna be awesome.”


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