Top Dolla Says He Is Still Contracted For WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures

Top Dolla Says He Is Still Contracted For WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures WWE

Former WWE star Top Dolla (AJ Francis) was a member of the Hit Row group, who were released from the company back in November following just a month on SmackDown.

However, before there was ‘Top Dolla’ there was AJ Francis, host of the WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures show on A&E Network.

While many would assume that his WWE release would stop him from hosting season two and beyond, Francis told the Two Man Power Trip podcast that he was under a different contract for the show, which has not been terminated.

He explained:

“I’m still under contract. It’s a completely different contract. I thought it was dumb. I said, ‘Why do you make me sign a different contract? You should just be adding to my WWE money.’ They were like, ‘No, we need a different contract.’ Well, now thankfully, I have one,”

Francis continued on, explaining how he plans to continue hosting the show should his contract not be paid off.

He said:

“I mean, I’m planning on doing it. Nobody called me and told me that my contract is being paid out. So I’m planning on doing season two and season three. But you know, like I said, business is business. We got to figure that out.”

Francis recently spoke about how he had some ‘very good’ conversations with IMPACT Wrestling recently.

Francis’ former stablemate Swerve Strickland (Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott) has since debuted for All Elite Wrestling, where he is set for an interview on tomorrow night’s Rampage show.

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