Triple H Doesn’t Want NXT To Go 3 Hours

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Triple H Doesn’t Want NXT To Go 3 Hours

Well thank Hornswoggle for that. Triple H has said he has no interest in making NXT a three hour show, presumably because he feels the 9million hours of weekly TV WWE currently puts on is plenty.

He was asked about a potential third hour during a recent media call, and the King of Kings has this to say:

Me, personally, I wouldn’t want to go three hours. Every hour that you add gets exponentially harder,” he stated. “It really does. For the last couple of years, one of the more difficult things in the NXT brand has been bandwidth of…we have a lot of talent, I would like to debut them, I would like to get them on TV and I don’t have the space. With an hour show, the real estate of where you could put people — every single episode we would do I was like, ‘Man, I’d really like to get this person on the show and I just don’t have the space.’ Two hours, to me, is not about speeding up storylines or increasing the amount of time you see talent, it’s about having the opportunity to debut more and letting more talent shine.”

NXT goes live tonight on the USA Network, with the second hour being streamed live on the WWE Network.

Tonight’s show will feature an NXT North American Title match, a fatal four-way to determine the number one contender to the NXT Women’s Championship, and a street fight between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain.

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