Details On Why Vince McMahon ‘Didn’t Like’ Bray Wyatt

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Details On Why Vince McMahon ‘Didn’t Like’ Bray Wyatt

Fightful Select (subscription required) reports that WWE sources felt Vince McMahon didn’t like Wyatt towards the end of his tenure with the company, with Wyatt being vocal about his issues with creative believed to be the reason why.

The report also noted that Wyatt, Randy Orton and ‘others involved’ were not happy with the creative direction or finish of their WrestleMania 37 match, which was reportedly changed days before the show.

It was noted that some talent reached out to Orton and Wyatt to say they felt bad that their bout was being changed. Fightful stated that they were previously told that there was “never a true creative endgame for that story”.

Wyatt also reportedly was frustrated by the ‘burned Fiend’ angle, in which Wyatt returned, charred, following Randy Orton setting him on fire at TLC 2020. The creative team was told that Wyatt thought the suit was too heavy, was going to look bad, so it was scrapped, as per the report. It was stated that Wyatt has not confirmed this, however.

WWE cited ‘budget cuts’ as the reason for Wyatt’s release, which reportedly caused there to be ‘gigantic frustration‘ within the company, with a number of stars feeling their job was no longer secure.

Wyatt has teased that he will open up about his final months with WWE soon.

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