Vince McMahon’s Involvement In NXT 2.0 Revealed

Vince McMahon’s Involvement In NXT 2.0 Revealed

WWE made a bunch of releases to the backroom staff of NXT earlier this month, releasing multiple Triple H hires from the company as they usher in the ‘2.0’ era of NXT.

Despite the numerous releases, the day to day operations of how NXT is run has not changed since the start of it’s rebranding back in September.

Ringside News – which has had several backstage reports confirmed by the likes of Fightful and Dave Meltzer in recent times –is reporting that NXT has been run through Bruce Prichard and Ed Koskey since the beginning of the NXT 2.0 revamp. Vince McMahon then approves things, and this has been the system ‘since the day Triple H stopped going because of his heart issues.’

A source within WWE also confirmed that ‘Kapoor and Russo buffered HBK and Road Dogg and Regal and Sapolsky. The only difference now is the slimming of the staff.’

Nothing else has been different in NXT for the past few months. Prichard or Koskey take the scripts to Vince McMahon for review, with Ringside News noting that ‘the orders come down from Vince, Prichard and Koskey as to who they want pushed and how.’ At that point staff that week write it up and then it’s reviewed, usually on Mondays.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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