What Really Happened With MJF’s Flight Out Of Las Vegas On Double Or Nothing Weekend

What Really Happened With MJF’s Flight Out Of Las Vegas On Double Or Nothing Weekend AEW

Here’s reportedly what really happened with MJF’s flight out of Las Vegas during Double or Nothing weekend.

After MJF missed an AEW Fan Fest signing on Saturday (May 28), a report that a flight was booked for the AEW star to leave town before the Sunday pay-per-view fuelled speculation that the star might’ve been immediately taking time away from TV.

MJF ultimately opened the main Double or Nothing card, mocking these reports by miming an airplane.

Per Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, MJF didn’t have a valid ticket right before the plane departed, indicating that his flight was either cancelled, or wasn’t booked at all.

Explaining what is known about the situation, and how the flight booking report was possibly worked, Meltzer wrote:

“Nobody in AEW could confirm the match being on or off all day Saturday once he no-showed the fan fest that morning. Nobody got any answers and many were asking. Whether he booked a flight out or not at some point, as had been reported, and there were two flights that different sources had talked about.

“At least well before those flights took off, he had either canceled the booking or it was never booked at all. An airport source Saturday night said the system showed him having a ticket to fly out Tuesday, the day he left for Los Angeles.

“The one thing that is clear is that even if he had purchased a ticket and got that story out, and then quickly canceled that ticket, that part of the story was a work that was made sure to get out. “

Some individuals in AEW are reportedly unhappy about what has been perceived as AEW ‘playing games with talent’ in regards to the MJF situation. You can get caught up with all the facts on the MJF & Tony Khan ongoing saga by clicking this link.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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