Here’s Who Is Allowed To Talk About CM Punk/AEW EVPs Backstage Fight

5 months ago by Laura Cude

Here’s Who Is Allowed To Talk About CM Punk/AEW EVPs Backstage Fight AEW

An update has emerged concerning who is allowed to speak out concerning the backstage altercation that took part after the infamous AEW All Out scrum involving CM Punk and AEW’s EVPs.

As per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is one person involved/present who is able to publicly speak about the incident.

And that person is Lucy Guy, Ace Steel’s wife, who was reportedly in the locker room where the brawl took place.

Ace Steel was of course released from AEW recently due to his involvement in the backstage fight.

Meltzer wrote:

“To this day, every person, either involved or there, but one, Lucy Guy, was not allowed to talk publicly. Lucy Guy has not talked publicly, but of all the people who saw what happened, she is the only one who can publicly at this point giver her version of the story. Several others have said they hoped at some point to be able to give their sides of the story, but now with the investigation completed, none are allowed to publicly or privately talk about anything related to the incident.”

So it seems we should not be expecting comments from CM Punk, Ace Steel, the Young Bucks or Kenny Omega on the incident.

Time will tell if Lucy Guy breaks her silence as the only part who is seemingly able to.

This news comes after recent reports that Jericho called CM Punk a “cancer” backstage following the incident, and that the AEW locker room ‘voted’ CM Punk out.

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