Popular WWE Star Designed Championship Belt

Popular WWE Star Designed Championship Belt WWE

It was recently revealed that the STARDOM High Speed Championship was designed by a current member of the WWE roster.

The title’s origins stem back to NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling in 2009 with the first holder being Natsuki Taiyo.

STARDOM would acquire the rights to the championship in November 2010 with Taiyo continuing her championship reign.

Taiyo would have the most reigns and combined days as champion, holding the title four times and for a total of 1,203 days.

Former High Speed Champion AZM recently revealed that WWE’s Asuka designed the belt.

Speaking on StarVerse in a clip that would be shared on Twitter, AZM said:

“It is okay to say this?

“Who designed the High Speed belt?

“WWE’s Asuka-san designed the belt.

“Asuka-san of the world.”

Although Asuka designed the belt, she wouldn’t be one of its champions.

AZM held the title on two occasions for 678 days in total.

WWE’s Io Shirai was also a former High Speed Champion.

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2 months ago by Dave Adamson


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