WWE Star Babyface Turn Confirmed On Raw

WWE Star Babyface Turn Confirmed On Raw WWE

On WWE Raw, a star has seemingly been confirmed as having turned babyface after an in-ring segment ended on a mic drop moment.

On tonight’s WWE Raw, Shayna Baszler has told Ronda Rousey exactly why she turned on her at Money in the Bank.

While Rousey came out to the ring first, it was Shayna Baszler who was portrayed as the babyface and would end up getting the better of the crowd reactions as she let Rousey have it.

Baszler opened up by saying “I am pretty confident that I speak for everyone when I say we’re sick of hearing you speak on the microphone”, which of course did get a lot of cheers from the fans.

Rousey claimed that Baszler owed her an apology, but Baszler turned that around and said the only apology she owes is one to everyone else for being the person who actually brought Rousey into the business.

The back and forth didn’t end at words though, as in the end, Baszler got the absolute upper hand over Rousey, delivering a thunderous running knee before leaving the ring, clearly dismissing Ronda.

Rousey for her part, screamed at Shayna that this was not over!

They are reportedly set for a match at SummerSlam, shortly after which Rousey is expected to leave WWE.

There was supposed to be a bigger build to Baszler’s turn on Rousey instead of it being so sudden at Money in the Bank, but because of Rousey’s injury issues earlier this year, their winning the tag team title was delayed and the turn had to basically be rushed so the match can happen at SummerSlam before Rousey leaves.

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3 months ago by Amanda Savage



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