WWE Hall Of Famer Explains Why He Respects Vince McMahon ‘Now More Than Ever’

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Hall Of Famer Explains Why He Respects Vince McMahon ‘Now More Than Ever’ WWE

Eric Bischoff has stated that he has a lot of respect for former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon regarding business.

Speaking with Steve Fall on Ten Count, The former WCW SVP noted that he was curious about WWE stock prices with the new WWE management team, following Vince McMahon’s departure.

Noting that people would always bring up Vince McMahon’s age during his time running the company, Bischoff said:

“For years, every time somebody in the financial markets talked about WWE and its stock – successful as it was – the one thing everybody talked about was Vince McMahon and his age.”

Praising Vince McMahon for building “an infrastructure around him”, Bischoff said:

“I respect him more now, today, from a business perspective, I want to make that clear. From a business perspective, I respect him more now than I ever have.”

Bischoff made sure to stress that his respect for Vince McMahon is entirely business-related.

Vince McMahon announced his retirement on July 22, amid an investigation into ‘hush pact’ allegations made public by the Wall Street Journal. For an update on McMahon following his WWE departure, click here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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