WWE Star Now Expected To Be Better Than People Thought, ‘Picking Things Up’ Well

WWE Star Now Expected To Be Better Than People Thought, ‘Picking Things Up’ Well WWE

An update has emerged on the progress of a WWE star signed in September 2021 who has recently made his NXT debut.

Gable Steveson made his debut on WWE NXT on June 20 and sided with Eddy Thorpe, offering to train him to face Damon Kemp.

With a July 4 match between Thorpe and Kemp coming after the NXT Gold Rush specials, Kemp has requested a “no ropes” match where “you can only win by knockout, TKO or submission”, even namedropping “Raw Underground” as the stipulation.

The Olympic Gold Medalist has plenty of inside knowledge about Kemp, what with them being real-life brothers (Kemp’s real name is Bobby Steveson).

As for Gable Steveson’s in-ring potential, Dave Meltzer shared an update on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

“I have heard from people who say that Gable (Steveson) is picking things up and he’s gonna be better than a lot of people originally thought.”

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It was recently reported that Gable wanted to return to NCAA competition next year.

Steveson is an Olympic Gold Medalist for the United States and has won national titles for the Gophers in 2021 and 2022.

He was picked for Raw in the 2021 WWE Draft but never actually made it onto the roster, and has now been training in NXT and the decision is evidently to use him on NXT TV for now.

Spoilers for the Thorpe vs Kemp ‘Raw Underground’ match with Steveson’s involvement, as well as the rest of next week’s NXT, can be found at this link.

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3 months ago by Dave Adamson


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