WWE Hall Of Famer Was Able To Say ‘Not PG Word’ As It Was ‘His Thing’

WWE Hall Of Famer Was Able To Say ‘Not PG Word’ As It Was ‘His Thing’ WWE

When WWE officially became a PG product back in 2008, a lot of changes had to be made to the on-screen product, which included numerous changes to vocabulary.

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz worked with WWE at the time, and he has recalled a argument he had with Vince McMahon shortly after the change to PG.

Speaking to the Masked Man Show, Gewirtz recalled writing the word ‘damn’ into a promo, before Vince told him that they weren’t allowed to say that now they were PG.

He said:

“It said PG era, but really it was the G era. I remember getting into an argument with him [Vince McMahon] … I had someone write, ‘I don’t even give a damn,’ and he says, ‘God, you can’t say damn, we’re PG,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, that’s my argument, too. We are PG, that’s why it’s not something else.'”

Gewirtz then noted that Ron Simmons, who was on WWE television at the time, literally wore a shirt and only said the word ‘Damn’, but Vince believed that to be an exception.

He said:

“But we literally have a character who only says ‘Damn!’ and his t-shirt that says ‘Damn!’ on the exact same show. He’s [McMahon] like, ‘Oh that’s different, that’s his thing.'”

transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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