WWE High On Grayson Waller After Main Roster Debut Match Against Edge

WWE High On Grayson Waller After Main Roster Debut Match Against Edge WWE

WWE is clearly impressed with Grayson Waller who not only made his main roster in-ring debut in Madison Square Garden on SmackDown tonight (July 7), but he also got ‘the rub’ from a Hall of Famer after!

Edge was the guest on this week’s Grayson Waller Effect, just days removed from Waller’s interaction with John Cena at Money in the Bank.

Edge seemed to be teasing some kind of emotional announcement, but the special moment was somewhat cut short as Waller encouraged Edge to get to the point.

Waller made a preemptive announcement that Edge was retiring and this would be the last time Madison Square Garden would see Edge so they should show some respect.

However, Edge countered that and said he isn’t retiring, instead announcing that Waller would be making his main roster in-ring debut in Madison Square Garden tonight, against the ‘Rated R Superstar’ himself, and it was time to “sink or swim”.

The match was even and Waller got plenty of offense in, but in the end, his Somersault Stunner finisher was met by a ferocious spear by Edge who ultimately picked up the victory.

But after the match, Edge grabbed a microphone to tell Waller, “You swam,” in yet another career highlight moment for Waller within a short time on the main roster.

Waller continues to be featured in high profile moments with top WWE stars including an in-ring segment at Money in the Bank with John Cena and before that hosting guests like Charlotte Flair and Logan Paul on his in-ring chat show.

According to a Fightful Select report, Grayson Waller has been popular not only with fans but also impressing people backstage as well.

Fightful reported that “there was a lot of positive reception over Grayson Waller’s performance over the past week,” even before tonight’s massive main roster in-ring debut.

WRKD Wrestling also reported after Waller vs Edge tonight:

If it wasn’t clear from his work with Cena at Money In The Bank or Edge on #SmackDown, Grayson Waller is being set up for a big future.

Many in creative feel that he has the tools, both wrestling and on the mic, to be a future main eventer for years to come.

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3 months ago by Amanda Savage



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