WWE Star Addresses Recent ‘Botch’

WWE Star Addresses Recent ‘Botch’ WWE

The May 28 episode of WWE NXT saw Dante Chen face Lexis King for the second time in a month, although he would lose this encounter.

King and Chen first crossed paths on May 14, with Chen victorious, something that King felt needed further investigation.

The recent episode saw King get the win but a moment was met with consternation on social media.

One fan, in particular, asked about King’s decision-making on the outside of the ring, tweeting:

“Why did Lexis King expose the concrete…only to drop the guy on the padding?🤨”

The clip can be seen below this news story, with King providing an explanation in reply that read:

“It’s quite simple really. In a fraction of a second I calculated the optimal amount of exposed concrete that would be necessary to inflict the most damage to my opponent while preventing as much damage to myself as possible.

“Not only am I a King, but I am also a genius 👑🧠”

King did, indeed, benefit from the padding, while Chen took the brunt of the damage with his upper back on the padding and the rest of him firmly on the concrete.

With another fan noting that “sometimes it is better to say nothing…”, King would respond by saying something in the form of:

“The King often takes the high road, but I never miss an opportunity to put myself over 👑”

Following Trick Williams becoming NXT Champion, King took the opportunity to put over the new champion on social media.

Known to AEW fans as Brian Pillman, Jr, he signed with WWE in August 2023 and made his in-ring NXT debut in October of that year.

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