WWE NXT 2.0 Faction Debuts In Backstage Segment

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE NXT 2.0 Faction Debuts In Backstage Segment WWE

A new NXT 2.0 faction has formally debuted together in a backstage segment with a name and a mission for their trio.

While Joe Gacy and his formerly hooded tag team, the Dyad have continued to shift in overall tone week to week, now a return to some previous themes.

When Joe Gacy and the Dyad appeared in a backstage segment, Gacy prompted interviewer McKenzie Mitchell to “use their names,” and then proceeded to refer to the Dyad as “Rip and Jagger” in an apparent departure from the new names debuted last week.

The former Grizzled Young Veterans emerged from beneath the Joe Gacy issued crushed velour tracksuit hoods to reveal themselves as “Jagger Reid” & “Rip Fowler” on last week’s July 20 edition of NXT 2.0.

During this promo, a graphic also appeared on screen referring to the faction as ‘Schism’ with a peace sign behind the lettering, with return to the more heavy handed “inclusion” focused Gacy of yore.

While some of the more outwardly spooky elements have been eliminated from the group, Rip and Jagger still have creepy color contacts so who knows?

In the promo, Gacy reveals that he feels that Cameron Grimes could benefit from joining Schism as he continues to actively recruit members, noting that as Grimes is lacking a Father figure, he could find that in him.

Cameron Grimes is currently 10-5-0 in wins/losses thus far during 2022.

You can check out all of the win/loss records for the NXT 2.0 roster by clicking here. 

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