Original Plans For Hilarious WWE Segment Revealed

Original Plans For Hilarious WWE Segment Revealed WWE

Matt Riddle has revealed the original plans for his hilarious segment with Asuka in March 2021 which ended with him admitting that he forgot his lines.

During a March 2021 edition of Raw, Matt Riddle had a backstage segment with Asuka. This was back when Riddle was going through a scooter phase, so the Original Bro was sure to ask Asuka about scooters.

In an odd turn of events, Riddle ended the segment by stating ‘sorry, I forgot what I was saying’, and riding off, leaving Asuka to try to hide her confusion live on air.

During a Signed By Superstars virtual signing, Riddle explained that he was actually meant to talk about how he had been to Japan to attend underground robot fights.

Riddle explained:

“Let’s talk about that promo. One, usually when they go live, they tell you. Sometimes, you go through a couple of rehearsals beforehand. I had the scooter, they gave it to me and said, ‘We don’t want to see you. Go 20 yards that way and roll down.’ I rolled down, and I didn’t know it was live TV.

“The promo they originally had was me talking about how I had been to Japan before, which I hadn’t, and how I would go to underground robot fights and I was going to ask Asuka if scooters would be a big hit in Japan. Yeah, I forgot everything. I forgot everything when I rolled up.

Recalling Randy Orton’s reaction to this promo segment, Riddle said:

“I scoot back to the locker room. Me and Randy (Randy Orton) didn’t really talk, I guess Randy didn’t really like me when I first started working there because I am who I am. Randy comes up to me and goes, ‘I don’t know if that s**t was planned, but that was your best promo yet.'”

Riddle will soon be visiting Japan for real, after making his NJPW on-screen debut via a video promo at New Year Evil earlier this month.

For an update on Riddle’s NJPW future, click here.

The Original Bro will actually make his NJPW in-ring debut at this weekend’s Battle in the Valley event in San Jose, California, where he will team with a mystery partner.

Potential spoilers for this match can be found right here.

Transcription via Fightful

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