WWE Poised To Sign NFL Star?

WWE Poised To Sign NFL Star?

WWE aren’t strangers to trying to sign stars from other sports once their first choice of career is over, and it looks like they might be going fishing in the NFL for their next fish.

Before anyone argues, this is all speculation, but it’s speculation with a good deal of meat behind it.

Anyone who watched WrestleMania 33 will have seen New England Patriots tight end (whatever that means) Rob Gronkowski helping his buddy Mojo Rawley win the Andre the Giant Battle Royale, a win that has propelled Mojo to obscurity.

Gronkowski has just announced that he is retiring from American Football at the age of 29, and tweets from Mojo Rawley and WWE have led to speculation that his time as a professional athlete may be far from over.

At 29, he still has plenty left in the tank, and in terms of being able to take bumps and be physical, that’s what he’s done for his entire career, so you would think that he might transition to the role better than others.

Roman Reigns was an American Footballer before he joined the WWE, so you don’t need much more proof that it’s a switch that can work.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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