Top WWE Star Nearly Ended Up In Indie Minis Division

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Top WWE Star Nearly Ended Up In Indie Minis Division WWE

A top WWE star nearly ended up in an independent company’s minis division according to a former WCW champion.

Konnan was reflecting on his friend with WWE’s Rey Mysterio Jr  and made the revelation during a recent podcast appearance.

Speaking to MuscleMan Malcolm, the former WCW United States Heavyweight Champion revealed:

“I saw him (Rey Mysterio) and, you know, I just said, ‘Wow. Even though there’s nobody in the business this small, I think this guy could be huge’ and I had to convince everybody to use him, including AAA.

“They actually wanted to put him in the minis division. The minis division is like little people division.

“He trusted me… I was a big star in Mexico at that time so wherever they took me, I said, ‘You have to bring this guy too’ and they were like, ‘Really dude?’ And I go, ‘Bro, I guarantee you’ll ask for him back. How about that? Or you don’t have to pay me.’

“That’s how sure I was of this guy and bro, every time, ‘Oh my God, when can he come back?’… He revolutionized the sport.”

Rey Mysterio was recently announced as an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023.

Konnan will be the one to induct the wrestling legend into the WWE Hall of Fame, as previously reported.

With Dominik demanding a match against his father at WrestleMania 39 on April 1 & 2, Konnan also revealed which Mysterio should win that match.

Transcript from Post Wrestling.

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