WWE Star Shares Heartwarming Connection To Special Olympics

1 week ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Shares Heartwarming Connection To Special Olympics WWE

A WWE star has shared their heartwarming connection to Special Olympics and why he loves getting to connect with the community.

Chad Gable spoke to Fightful and shared his perspective on doing work in the community, as well as his personal connection the the Special Olympics.

Chad Gable said:

“It’s so cool. We do so many different appearances, and you just listed a handful of what seems endless. We’ve done so many. I personally ascribe to be heavily a part of the Special Olympics stuff. Just because, first of all, I have an Olympic background, but also my nephew has epilepsy. He’s heavily involved in Special Olympics. He does sports in Minnesota.

“You take away so much from these things. Like the kids and their attitudes, and their energy, and their work ethic, it’s unbelievable. Then you watch them do this stuff, and I’m pouring sweat from helping them out and cheering them on all day. I’m amped up. I want to go wrestle.

“It’s so wholesome and so inspiring to watch them. So, you leave these things thinking, ‘This is what I’m meant to be doing.’ You’re giving back. The wrestling is great; I love the wrestling, but when you can have an effect on people like this, it really shows you you’re doing the right thing. It feels great.”

Recently it has been rumored that Chad Gable is potentially in line for a big push as a singles star. You can read more about that by clicking this link. 

Transcription via Fightful

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