WWE Star Understands Why Maxxine Dupri Has Connected With Fans

WWE Star Understands Why Maxxine Dupri Has Connected With Fans WWE

A WWE star says he understands why Maxxine Dupri has connected with fans.

Over the past few months, fans has seen an increased focus on the Alpha Academy over on Monday Night Raw. This stems back to the company pairing Maxxine Dupri with Chad Gable and Otis.

Since this pairing, fans have started to get behind Dupri who was previously aligned with Maximum Male Models.

From their feud with the Viking Raiders to Gable becoming number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, the sky is the limit on what is next for the popular trio now.

Speaking with Busted Open, Chad Gable heaped praise on Maxxine Dupri for learning the nuances of pro wrestling “on the fly” and excelling at the craft. He said:

“I’m trying to rack my brain trying to figure out how many times this has happened in the history of our business where someone is literally learning the job,”

“She’s at TV every week and learning how to do an arm drag or suplex — there are people coaching her, myself included.”

“You’re watching it happen, and I think that’s what [has] connected [with] people — it’s like, they got that. This is real, this is organic, [and] we’re watching this girl kinda [learn to wrestle].”

Gable continued on to explain the challenges on Dupri transitioning from “immaculate-looking model” into his current persona, saying:

“Physically, she doesn’t have all the tools these other girls have. She does stumble every once in a while, she’s not perfect in every way, and I think when people finally saw that aspect of her, they [appreciated her efforts].”

“I remember the moment when I handed the Letterman jacket when she graduated [on ‘Raw’], and she had the goofiest look. That’s what people latched on to. I love that. She’s willing to be vulnerable.”

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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