WWE Star Undergoes Name Change On SmackDown

2 years ago by Nate

WWE Star Undergoes Name Change On SmackDown

Tonight, Shorty G was interviewed prior to his match with Lars Sullivan. Shorty G said he was frustrated because he wasn’t drafted by either Raw or SmackDown.

He was out to prove the doubters wrong and asked for this match to right the ship. The match lasted about 3 minutes before Gable lost.

After the match, he was asked how he felt. He didn’t say much. He just leaned into the mic and said “I quit.”

This makes the second superstar who quit on WWE television this week. Austin Theory also quit on NXT.

Chad Gable is one of the most talented in-ring wrestlers in WWE. He’s also got untapped charisma. However, he’s not very tall, hence the nickname.

A few minutes later in the show. Adam Pearce asks him if he was hearing him right. Gable says he’s tired of portraying a character who talks about overcoming the odds. He said no one named Shorty G can overcome anything.

He then talks about his long list of accomplishments and says there is only one man who can overcome the odds and his name is Gable, Chad Gable.

Thank God. We’re getting rid of that awful nickname. Chad Gable is back. Hopefully, the talented star will get a real chance to prove himself on SmackDown. However, it isn’t 100% clear if this will be a full-on heel character for Gable or not.

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