WWE Star Vents Anger At Fans After Being ‘Followed’ At Airport

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

WWE Star Vents Anger At Fans After Being ‘Followed’ At Airport WWE

Following the previously reported news that WWE was investigating potential threats to superstar safety in public places, such as at airports and hotels it seems another incident has occurred involving a current WWE star.

Posting on Twitter, Raw star Rhea Ripley would vent her frustration after being ‘followed’ at an airport.

Ripley tweeted:

“People need to respect that no means no! At airports do not follow me outside. Today has put me off completely!

I will not sign ANYTHING that isn’t a personal photo of us anymore. Hate me, I don’t care.

Disagree with me, try putting yourselves in our shoes for one bloody day.”

PWInsider Elite (subscription required) has reported that WWE are having a “larger conversation” regarding incidents such as these that potentially pose a threat to talent, with some incidents seeing fans stop talent at their cars and even follow them.

As well as the potential safety risk, WWE are also reportedly “monitoring” situations that see fans attempting to get talent to to sign merchandise in order to sell later online.

Incidents such as a recent video involving Rey Mysterio and Liv Morgan have garnered attention to the issue, with the Smackdown stars being presented with “dozens of items to sign” at an airport.

WWE are reportedly not happy”about incidents such as these, and while there is “no official edict” on what can and cannot be signed, as seen with Ripley’s post many stars may soon refuse to sign items such as action figures and other items with resale value to prevent this problematic behaviour.

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