WWE Stars Have Plea To Fans Following Controversial Twitter Change

WWE Stars Have Plea To Fans Following Controversial Twitter Change Twitter

Twitter made it’s latest controversial change of the Elon Musk era today (April 20), when everyone’s verified blue checkmark was taken away unless they were subscribers of Twitter Blue.

This has, naturally, led to a lot of confusion and outrage from those on the app, as it now makes it easier for fake users to pretend to be real people so long as they can pay $8 for a tick.

Alexa Bliss is someone who, many times over her years on WWE TV, has had fans fall victim to scammers pretending to use her identity, and with her no longer verified, it will be easier for fake accounts to gain traction.

Taking to Twitter to react to the change, Alexa said that it’s now the responsibility of the Twitter team themselves, saying:

@Twitter – YOU are now responsible for Paying back the people who get scammed by a “verified” Alexa bliss accounts … this one’s on you now. #DumbestThingEver

When a Twitter user claimed that Alexa was saying people are ‘less important’ by not ‘being allowed’ a blue tick, she responded:

Has nothing to be with being equal. It has to do with scamming. & real identities instead of fake accounts who try to scam people. Obviously you haven’t experienced someone stealing your identity to scam from innocent people. Nice try 8 bucks.

Some people are missing the point here. Obviously everyone is equal. But this gives scammers the upper hand here.

Alexa isn’t the only WWE star to take to Twitter with caution for fans, as current Women’s Tag Team Champion Raquel Rodriguez said:

Just wanna get this out before anyone sees fake accounts… My only accounts are @RaquelWWE on Twitter & Instagram. Don’t fall for any scammers asking for money or anything else!

Nikki Cross also made sure to warn fans that she won’t be subscribing to Twitter Blue, so any accounts using her name with a verified check are not her.

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