WWE Teases More Main Roster Stars Moving To NXT

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

WWE Teases More Main Roster Stars Moving To NXT

Earlier today, WWE confirmed the rules for the Draft that is set to kick-off tomorrow night on Friday Night Smackdown.

Triple H had previously said that NXT would not be featured on the draft. However, one of the confirmed rules of the draft might prove that a few stars will be making their way to NXT.

The final rule FOX revealed reads as follows: “It was also noted that any undrafted Superstars will immediately be declared free agents and able to sign with the brand of their choosing.”

So if a Superstar chooses neither Raw or Smackdown, perhaps we could see a main roster star who isn’t drafted move to NXT.

This speculation has been fuelled by FOX who sent out the following tweet today.

Smackdown’s new home asked fans which WWE stars they would like to see move to NXT, following in the footsteps of Finn Balor, Tyler Breeze and Fandango.

There is no word on if WWE plans on moving a few stars back to NXT, but stay tuned to WrestleTalk.com for more information on the situation.

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