WWE ‘Very Concerned’ After ‘Freak Accident’ Leads To Injury

WWE ‘Very Concerned’ After ‘Freak Accident’ Leads To Injury WWE

There was reportedly significant backstage concern at this week’s February 13 NXT taping after a “freak accident” occurred, resulting in an injury to a WWE star.

This week’s NXT saw a double-taping take place, likely due to staff and talent travelling to Perth, Australia for Elimination Chamber on February 24.

As a result an angle that was set up on last night’s episode featuring NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria and SmackDown star Shotzi played out not long after, with a title match being taped for the February 20 episode.

Sadly however, just moments into the match Shotzi suffered a knee injury, leading to her scheduled title match being called off.

In an update to the situation from Fightful Select, it has been confirmed that the injury was in fact a legit one.

This was initially questioned by some when the news broke due to NXT recently staging a worked injury angle for Ilja Dragunov during a match with Ridge Holland.

The exact moment the injury occurred was reportedly following Shotzi taking a spill to the outside, in a spot that would take the show into the commercial break.

However, Shotzi instead hit her knee against the side of the ring as she crashed to the outside, with the match being called off as a result.

Fightful later confirmed with WWE sources that Shotzi was unable to put weight on her injured knee afterwards – being forced to hop to the backstage area with the assistance of WWE’s medical team.

The report noted that Shotzi was in a great deal of pain after the injury occurred, with those backstage “very concerned” for the SmackDown star as a result.

Shotzi reportedly went to be medically evaluated afterwards, however, there is no official diagnosis on the injury just yet.

There is also reportedly no heat on Valkyria or Shotzi for the spot which led to the injury, with it instead being considered a “freak accident”.

As a result of the injury WWE made a last minute change to the match and drafted in another WWE star to take Shotzi’s place in the match.

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4 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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